Corporate Strategy


The VentureAide team works every step of the way with client personnel, to test, develop and deliver insights and recommendations to build a robust strategy for our clients.  A typical VentureAide strategy development approach includes


·        Conducting Voice of Customer (VOC) process through structured interviews across the industry supply chain

·        Carrying out rigorous analysis to augment primary and secondary research

·        Developing independent insights and recommendations

·        Asking the “so what” of the insights and recommendations, and its impact to the solution

·        Presenting findings, recommendations, and action-plan to client team

·        Leading implementation as required


VentureAide strategy development services focus on developing strategy that improves client’s top-line and bottom-line.  Some project examples include


·        Corporate strategy development

·        Marketing plan development – market definition and market sizing, industry assessment, market penetration, customer segmentation, target segments, customer needs prioritization, customer value proposition, communications, promotion, sales channels

·        Competitive landscape assessment

·        Industry structure and value chain analysis

·        Product portfolio and life-cycle analysis

·        Microeconomic and macroeconomic factors impact assessment

·        Global growth planning

·        Adjacent market identification and growth strategies


Below are examples of some of the questions we help our clients answer:


·        How does the company define the market for its product?  How big can the market grow if some of the constraints are addressed?

·        What is the basis of differentiation for the company’s product?  What actions will improve or sustain its competitive position in the industry? 

·        How does the company make money?  What is the business model?  How can the company improve margins?

·        What value does the company’s product provide to the customers?  Does the value change across segments?  How can the company improve the value to its customers?  What trade-offs should the company make in offering customer value?  How can the company capture some of the value in terms of price?

Other Services we offer are:

Investment Support Services

Product Management & Product Marketing Support Services



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