Investment Support

Due Diligence Support Services


VentureAide provides due diligence support services to private equity, and venture capital firms, and angel investors.


·        Identify risks and opportunities involved in a particular investment transaction

·        Conduct due diligence support such as industry and market assessment, business economics and business plan validation, competitive position assessment, customer perception/commitment evaluation, and company strategic plan review

·        Perform primary and secondary research to collect relevant information; primary research involves interviews with customers, competitors, suppliers, industry experts, and end users

·        Carry out in-depth analysis to provide clients with insightful and actionable report  



Acquisition/Investment Candidates Identification and Screening Services


VentureAide provides candidates identification and screening services to private equity firms and angel investors.

·        Identify target acquisition candidates based on client defined criteria

·        Prepare company profiles and perform candidate screening



Company Pre-Due Diligence Support Services


VentureAide provides pre-due diligence support services to companies preparing for mergers, acquisitions, or seeking funding from private equity firms or other investors.


·        Provide a comprehensive evaluation of the company worth; evaluation includes industry assessment, market size estimation, business plan preparation, competitive landscape assessment, long-term and short-term strategic plan development, and initial company valuation

·        Identify key factors that impact company valuation and recommend action plan

·        Conduct primary and secondary research; primary research includes interviews with the stakeholders such as customers, competitors, suppliers, industry experts, end users, company sales force, and company executives

·        Augment the research with analysis and assist in investment memos and bank book development  

Entrepreneurs Assistance Services


VentureAide assists entrepreneurs and early stage companies in building business plans that they can take to venture capitalists and individual investors.


·        Prepare a comprehensive business plan presentation that fulfills the requirements, VCs/investors generally look for, in a business plan document

·        Identify potential funding sources and assist through the process


Other Services we offer are:

Corporate Strategy Development Services

Product Management & Product Marketing Support Services

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