Product Management & Product Marketing Support

VentureAide works with clients in developing Product Requirements Document (PRD) and Market Requirements Document (MRD).  VentureAide value-add includes accelerating time-to-market, minimizing risks and maximizing returns on investment.    

The typical PRD deliverables include emphasis on the following questions


·        Prioritized customer needs

o    What do the customers need?  What is the relative importance of these needs?  Why?

o    What is the impact on customer top-line and bottom-line if these needs are fulfilled?  


·        Quantified customer needs

o    What does the company need to deliver to the customer?  What is the baseline offering?  What is the next-best-alternative? 

o    How much more does the company need to deliver to get paid relative to the baseline?

o    What is the customer prepared to pay?  Why?


·        Functional requirements

o    What functions/features in the offering will deliver the quantified needs to the customers?  Why?

o    What are the trade-offs among the functional requirements?


·        Offering concept

o    How does the high value concept compare to the next-best-alternative?  Does it fulfill the customer needs?  Why?

o    Is the high value concept a winning concept in terms of value delivered to customer, compared to the next-best-alternative?  Why?

The typical MRD deliverables include, but not limited to


·        Market size estimation

·        Target segments and target customers

·        Competitive landscape

·        Product strategy, position, channels, roadmap, value proposition, and pricing

·        Product launch, communications and promotional plan


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